The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation

The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation is focused on educating the public and key stakeholders as to new developments in fresh and waste water technologies. The Foundation works to gather data, develop reports, standards, economic analysis, and model training programs for advancing the development and deployment of new water technologies.

The Foundation serves the entire spectrum of the water sector: corporations, investors, engineering firms, start-ups, NGOs, research centers, municipalities, and others in the field.

The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation is located in Shelton, CT and Washington, DC. It is a 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation was launched in Spring 2009. It is undertaking a series of initiatives to advance the understanding of new opportunities, technologies, and best practices for the water field. The Foundation has a series of educational forums (STEM) to provide young adults with information in regard to career positions in engineering, math and science.

The Water Innovations Alliance Foundation 2018 Lifetime Achievement Awards:

Alan Hinchman, Chief Revenue Officer, Graymatter Systems

Allison Chinchar, Meteorologist, CNN

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